• Petrol Vs Diesel: Which Is Right For Me?

Petrol Vs Diesel: Which Is Right For Me?

  • Published: 27 September 2021

Petrol vs Diesel: Which is right for me?

It is a debate that has faced drivers in the UK for multiple years, when buying a used car should I buy petrol or diesel? The fuel you choose to power your car can impact you in a multiple of ways from power, to cost and how economical your car is e.g. how many miles you can get from a full tank of fuel.

If you are looking for a used car in Colchester but you arent sure whether you want to choose petrol or diesel then this article if written just for you, its to help you make an informed decision on what fuel power you are going to choose for your car.

First of all, when choosing petrol or diesel you should remember that the cost of petrol per litre is considerably cheaper and better for the environment. The UK government have recently introduced the new E10 fuel, most cars manufactured from 2011 onwards are compatible with the new petrol with the government looking to eradicate diesel cars in coming years.

But diesel has it’s benefits. Diesel can benefit you on a longer journey or if you’re going on a staycation with a trailer on the back, diesel can provide better longevity from a full tank of fuel pulling the cargo. You’ll get better fuel economy from diesel, diesel contains more energy than the same amount of petrol does and therefore will provide a better miles per gallon (MPG) from your engine, in fact a diesel car will probably average around 70mpg if driven economically where as a petrol one driven in the same manner will only deliver around 50 miles per gallon.

Whilst diesel cars emit less Co2 into the air, the nitrogen oxide in older diesel engines are directly linked to poor air quality. Leading to multiple breathing issues and poor air quality in built up areas such as London. Hence the ULEZ Compliant zones in London, which were introduced to create better air quality in the countries capital.

Petrol, as we mentioned above has it’s benefits including a lower cost. If you fill your tank you are looking at saving, on average, around two pence per litre. Which in a full tank of 50 litres only works out at around a £1 saving but as they say; ‘save the pennies and the pounds will come’. 

If your drive to work is a short ten or fifteen minute drive, then petrol is probably the way to go. Where petrol likes a shorter drive, diesel definitely does not. So if you want an affordable car for trips to the shops, running the kids to school or nipping out and about in town then you should choose petrol for better performance from your engine.

Diesel engines are usually much louder than a petrol one, often in the past the loud performance cars were built with diesel engines to give them the growl you expect from a powerful engine, so if you want to start your car without waking up the neighbours then petrol is no doubt the option for you.

So if you are looking for a used car in Essex and this article has helped you, then speak to a member of our team who will be happy to help you find the best car for you here at RWC Motor Company.

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