• Safety Tips For Single Women Driving

Safety Tips For Single Women Driving

  • Published: 24 January 2022

Women should feel safe when driving alone. Unfortunately though, females are the perfect vulnerable prey for criminals on our roads. Because of this, single women driving have to be even more vigilant in order to avoid falling prey to criminal acts such as hijacking, intimidation, sexual assault or worse. To help you feel more confident driving alone if you are a woman and to help increase your safety and protection, we have laid out a few tips that you can take onboard when it comes to your next journey alone.  

Plan your journey

When planning your route, if you don’t know it all too well, keep to well lit streets. Try to avoid areas that aren’t built up or any areas you don’t know, as you could get lost and become an easy target for criminal activity. Use a sat-nav and tell someone your destination and when you arrive. Make sure you have any emergency numbers needed on your phone, such as breakdown recovery, car insurance etc. and bring along a portable charger to ensure your phone doesn’t run out of battery.

Be cautious of road rage

Certain drivers take advantage when they encounter a female motorist, and one of the ways they do that is through road rage. Some may attempt to gain your attention by engaging in a verbal exchange, or they may purposely cause an accident to get your attention.

The best thing to do is to ignore the individual and continue driving if possible.

Keep valuables out of sight

You want to ensure your valuables such as your laptop, handbag, purse and mobile are kept out of sight, especially for when you pull up to traffic lights. Thieves can take advantage of you here and distract you at your window while their partner robs your belongings from the other side.

Limit engaging with strangers

When approaching crowded areas, be especially vigilant as an attacker can easily jump into your car and take you hostage.

If someone approaches your side of the vehicle and is trying to talk to you, make sure to only roll the window down a few centimetres so they can hear you, but so you’re not in any direct danger.

Be prepared if you break down

This is probably the biggest fear many women have while driving alone. If someone tries getting in your car, or you feel threatened in any other way, sound your horn.

Stay in your vehicle until help arrives, and lock the doors if you can. 

Be cautious of people following you

If you notice a car that has been following your every move for some time, keep on driving at the normal speed limit and drive to a well lit area such as a petrol station. Park as closely as you can to the entrance and either sound your horn or go in and call the emergency services.

Keep an eye out for unmarked vehicles with flashing lights too, as these aren’t necessarily police.

Driving alone as a woman does not have to be frightening or uncomfortable, and hopefully these suggestions will help you feel more secure when driving alone.

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