• Why Buy A Used Car

Why Buy A Used Car

  • Published: 28 June 2021

If you are in the market for your next car, chances are you are weighing up whether to go for new or used. Now, there are benefits to both but we are here to tell you about why you should opt for used… Read on to find out more.

Deciding what car to get can be tough enough, but bringing new and used cars into the mix can make it a whole lot tougher. If you are on the fence and wondering where to start, the good news is that we can help. Here are the benefits of buying used.


The first thing to consider is the price, as used cars are typically cheaper than new ones. It all depends on what you choose, of course, but for the most part, used cars are cheaper and therefore more affordable. This will also have an impact if you are opting for finance, as you will be borrowing less money and so the monthly repayments could be lower.


Speaking of price, all or most of the depreciation will have already happened, which means that you are less likely to lose money on a used car. Sounds good, right?

Consider nearly new

There is such a thing as nearly new cars, which are cars that are under three years old, but not new and fresh off the forecourt, this is something you could consider as you can find a used car without many miles on the clock, for a reasonable price as well.

Insurance costs

The cost of insurance on used cars is normally less than what it would be on a new car. This is because they are worth less generally, and so they are less of a risk to the insurer. Something worth considering for sure, as insurance is often the forgotten cost…

More for your money

With a used car, you can often get more for your money than if you were buying new. From tech to mod cons and everything in between, see what your money can get you.

These are our top reasons to buy a used car, and if you are on the hunt for a used car in Essex, come and speak to us here at Rosewood Cars.

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Need help financing your next purchase?
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